Commercial Loans are very complex in their specifications, applications and requirements and encompass products such as Chattel Mortgages, Leases, Hire Purchases, Rentals, Novated Leases etc.

These business facilities are used to acquire a vast array of equipment for any business use. If you have a business use for it? We can fund it!! Each business has its own key drivers, Cashflow timing and taxation positions. We work with you, your accountant and business advisors to ensure your equipment loans are structured to your own requirements.

For this reason, we’d rather speak with you than have you complete an application form. There isn’t one application form able to capture your businesses details in full. We prefer to chat over the phone / in person and get it right from the start. This means less downtime and get you your equipment sooner so you can put it to work and earn its keep.

Call us today on 0419 772 765 or contact us here to find out how we can work with you to ensure your finance suits your needs.

“We are unbiased to all of the banks, we will give you the right advice for your situation.”
Dave Challinor, Director, Fortified Finance & Leasing