Fortified Finance & Leasing can partner with your business to specifically design products to enhance your products and services and ultimately your bottom line. The offering of finance is not simply a product to be flogged, it’s a product to assist your business to increase sales and enhance your valued relationship with your clients who understand all facets and key drivers of the businesses!!

We understand that it costs a significant amount of money to bring customers in through the door. The last thing you want them doing is walking out and purchasing an inferior product. Some customers know exactly what they want but simply don’t have enough cash.

With part loan funding the cost of the goods, the customers get the better superior quality product that wanted, and avoided purchasing an inferior one. The reality is, having them paying a little more, they can in fact save money by not having to make another purchase should they have chosen the inferior model and have it fail!

If you are looking at doing a promotion to push your next big thing, we can offer “discounted rates for a limited time” or some other format tailored to your own requirements and target market. Even if you’re attending trade shows, we can make ourselves available to provide on the spot quotes over the phone. In some cases subject to availability, we can even attend tradeshows and sit on your stand and provide finance packages on the spot, right there, right then.

Call us today on 0419 772 765 or contact us here to find out how we can work with you to ensure your finance suits your needs.