Need a new vehicle but don’t quite have your Financials and Tax Returns up to date? Are you a tradie and your ute getting a little long in the tooth?

Are you a sales rep that does a lot of miles and your vehicle wears out prematurely? Or, do you simply like to upgrade your vehicle every couple of yours?

Well, Fortified Finance and Leasing has the product for you. Through our panel of lenders, we are able to offer you easy finance on new motor vehicles under our “Vehicle Replacement Policy”. Do you:

  • Confirmable “A” class payment history on existing car loan?
  • Clear Credit file?
  • Replacement Vehicle of similar nature?
  • Vehicle is new or up to 3-4 years old and under $150K?
  • Loan for existing vehicle being replaced has been going for minimum 18 months?
  • New loan payments don’t exceed 125% of the old loan?
  • Loan to be in same name?
  • Been in the same industry for 3 yrs or longer?

If you meet the above criteria, you may be eligible to a FAST TRACK APPROVAL which bypasses the usual assessment requirements through our panel of lenders. If you’re after a new vehicle and don’t have the time to sit through the usual waiting periods, this product might just suit your requirements. Contact us today to discuss!